Free Curriculum Content System for Teachers

Activate InstructionI’ve been following Activate Instruction (from the Girard Education Foundation) for a little while now. It was a tool used by Summit Public Schools to organize/store/manage their curriculum playlists for students. It’s also used by High Tech High. Those schools were basically the guinea pigs that helped Illuminate Education develop the software.

It’s “essentially a curricular Wikipedia”.

They just put out a press release today that the service is now available to all for free – including all the curriculum/playlists already in the system – created and curated by top teachers at those first schools and it’s being added to and shared between educators everywhere.

This includes various kinds of instruction material (documents, worksheets, lesson plans, websites, videos) and even sample assessments.

Although Illuminate Education also creates and sells Student Data Information Systems, Activate Instruction can be used stand-alone. If you’re already using Illuminate, Activate Instruction can integrate with it. However, through an open API, other Student information systems (e.g. Infinite Campus) will also be able to integrate with Activate Instruction if they wish.

Press release:, (or in pdf form)

Here’s how it helps teachers:

I think this would be one very key tool for a standards or competency-based education approach and I hope it’s seriously considered for Ankeny schools in Iowa (where my kids will be going).


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