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If you would like our country to work for the people again, please read…


There are a lot of problems in this country and many improvements could be made – if there wasn’t so much corruption in government. Any issue that affects the majority of citizens (Republicans, Democrats, and otherwise) is ignored while the richest 0.1% pay the politicians to do their bidding and legislate loopholes to make them more money. A new study shows that the US government is no longer a democratic republic, but an oligarchy representing only the super wealthy. The issue of money in US politics must be dealt with before any “real” issues will get any attention from our legislators.

Here’s an idea I had… If I had a $Billion dollars, I’d bribe 51% of our legislators into passing anti-corruption laws. Think of it as fighting fire with fire, or as paying the ransom.

Now, it appears Lawrence Lessig, a very well known and respected anti-corruption activist, attorney, professor, and author, is planning to do something quite similar – except his idea is a bit more thought-through. :)

He’s creating a Mayday SuperPAC that “normal” US citizens can belong/contribute to. The sole goal of the SuperPAC is to achieve fundamental reform of the corrupting influence of money in politics. “We’re going to kickstart a SuperPAC big enough to make it possible to win a Congress committed to fundamental reform by 2016.”

I’ve been following Lessig’s work on this issue for years and I’m pretty hopeful about this effort. Watch the video at where he explains it all.

The PAC’s goal for 2014 is modest – in order to learn what we can achieve: “In 2014, we want to make fundamental reform the issue in 5 congressional races. From that, we’ll have a better sense of what victory in 2016 will take. And we’ll put Congress on notice that in 2016, we’ll be back.”

This moon shot won’t be easy or cheap. But it is totally worth it.

They’re taking pledges “kickstarter-style” – so that if they don’t hit their fundraising goal, you’ll get your money back.

Please contribute and spread the word.


On the Pledge page, you can choose to put your money toward “Whatever Helps”, “Republicans Only”, or “Democrats Only”. I chose “Whatever Helps” when I made my pledge (and I recommend you do too).




  1. Damon

    Lawrence Lessig seems like an incredible human with incredible integrity. I wish someone would let him KNOW that his SUPER-PAC was not going to work out the way everyone wishes. It may work out similar to how the Ron Paul campaign worked out for 2012, in that hundreds of thousands of Conservatives realized that there is no way to BEAT the corruption from within. Sure, the Elite want the election to have the appearance of legitimate, but it won’t stop them from an outright scandal if needed.

    if he wants something to work, he just needs to teach others that they do not need to vote for morality and integrity. They simply need to act on it. Opt-Out – Create a Parallel System – UnRegister – Revoke your permission – stop paying for WAR – Let the other countries know Obama/Bush does not represent them – If his hundreds of thousands of followers did this all at once, can you imagine the impact.

    • JakeKerber

      I think it’s a bit early to know whether it will work or not. It’s an experiment at this stage. Hopefully we can bring things back on track without encouraging anarchy or revolution.

      • Damon

        My opinion is, that when it fails, the people who supported it will find a real solution. People know the system does not work, which is why a super PAC was started. But, they still falsely believe they can fix it. We let it get too far, now it can’t be fixed. It can only be superceeded..

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